End of the road for the Northern Services Courier


1988 - 2016


THE Northern Services Courier is no more.

It was established in 1988 by Reservist and journalist David Hall, and its pages in the 28 years since are a reflection of the experiences of members of the Townsville Defence community.

Ted and Georgina Bragg acquired the paper in September, 2006. With help from Defence, we improved the accuracy of the paper’s home delivery and, at the invitation of then BRIG Shane Caughey, established an office at Lavarack Barracks in 2013.

However, unable to combat falling advertising revenue – it’s sole source of income – it has been forced to close its doors.

The galleries of photographs will continue to be available for people wanting to purchase prints through nscnews.com.

To the many people – contributors and advertisers – who have supported the paper across many, many years: thank you.

To our loyal staffers, Alexia Zenz (who has worked on the paper for longer than anybody) and “snapper” David Brock, thank you. To Suzi Vincent and Nathan Guse who ensured the paper was distributed each month, thank you.

A lot of people have been associated with the paper in the past decade, and we’re grateful to each of them for their contribution.

While the printed newspaper has gone, we’ve worked hard to explore other avenues to continue to serve the Defence community with information, stories and pictures.

Check out NSCnews Online here.